Attractive Design Encourages Children to Drink Healthier Beverages – a Project With Flaska

zabi-Flaska-1-2-510x1024A short time ago in a supermarket my 5-year old daughter Julia tugged me to a shelf lined with water bottles. The water bottles were made out of glass with attractive, colourful encasements to protect against breaking. Without knowing that this is an excellent idea from a health point of view, Julia was attracted by the appealing design of the bottles.

From my point of view as a physician with a speciality in preventive medicine, I believe it is a great idea to use inert glass instead of plastic or aluminum to transport water. This will encourage people to drink less unhealthy sweetened juice, sugary fruit juice or soft drinks of all kinds and instead of that drink healthy, affordable water from the water-tap.

For this reason, I contacted the management of Flaska and encouraged them to imprint the flasks with the little sorcerer, Zabi. The purpose is to persuade children to drink water instead of sugary soft drinks. The connection to the little sorcerer should make parents aware that the ongoing consumation of sugary drinks is disastrous to their own health as well as the health of their children.

I am very happy that the management of Flaska has been open to this idea. There will be an edition with the little sorcerer. Learn here, where you can buy it.

Besides unsweetened tea, water is the healthiest beverage which you yourself and your children can drink! Use glass bottles like those of Flaska to consume healthy, high quality and affordable water from your own water tap.

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