Dear Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Cooks and Entrepreneurs,

zabi-mit-hutThe well-being of your children, grandchildren, students or small customers is a matter of great concern. You want them to be happy. On several occasions, you give them sweets because you want them to be pleased. “Only some chocolate” think the grandparents. “I see the grandchildren so seldom”. “A piece of candy can’t hurt“, says the friendly sales clerk. “Chocolate milk for healthy development” argues the dairy industry, with the equivalent of 6 cubes of sugar per package (250 ml). Between meals, how often do our children receive a supposedly healthy glass of apple juice to quench their thirst, containing more than 6 cubes of sugar, or some cookies for a snack? At children’s birthday parties you think of everything that children love: sweets.

Seen individually, each of these things is not dramatic. But the amount of sugar that accumulates with these apparent good deeds has a negative effect on health, as doctors complain time and again.

Enjoying Angel Sugars

If you are really concerned about the well-being of your children, then you need to break through the old patterns and develop new ones. Make your loved ones or small customers happy without sugar. Learn to differentiate between healthy angel sugars and devil sugars.

The reduction of the consumption of unhealthy devil sugars to a healthy degree is a community task to which everyone must contribute. Parents cannot manage this alone, at the latest, by the time their children enter kindergarten.

Zabi, the little sorcerer, will help you with this important task. You will find important basic medical information on this web site.

Become engaged with initiatives like:

  • Reduction of sugar in (school) cafeterias
  • Small presents, souvenirs, and other gifts without sugar
  • Advertising without devil sugars
  • Children’s hotels with angel sugars
  • Children’s birthday parties with angel sugars

Develop your own initiative with Zabi to foster angel sugars. I will be happy to post your ideas and initiatives on this web site. Contact me!


Dr. med. Johannes Gutwald

(Master of Science in Preventive Medicine)

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